Taking BIS is not choice its mandatory
I have some important news that you should know, and it's a bit concerning. It's about safety shoes, and we need to act fast.

A recent survey found that more than 70% of shoes sold in India don't have something called "BIS certification." Starting January 1st, it will be illegal to sell any safety shoe without this certification. The Indian government says all safety shoes must have it.

Here's the tricky part: Some people might try to sell safety shoes without saying they're safety shoes. They might call them regular shoes. But that won't work because all shoes, whether they're for safety or not, need this BIS certification.

My advice is simple: Start looking for suppliers who have or are getting BIS certification. The days of non-BIS shoes are coming to an end. They'll be replaced by BIS-certified ones.

And please, pass this information along to your customers too. Many people may not know about this change, and they might buy non-BIS shoes by accident. We don't want them to get involved in this illegal activity because of ignorance.

This is a big change in our industry, and we need to be ready for it. If we don't act quickly, we might face some problems.

So, let's stay informed and make the right choices. We can adapt to these changes and keep moving forward.
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