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About Us

XO FOOTWEAR is a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of Footwear under the brand name FUEL. The company was founded in 2003 and has Seven high capacity factories throughout India and head office in Delhi. We have captive test labs in each of its production units that manage standards and ensure quality. The founder member of the company has a working experience of 30 Years with a commitment to constant innovation to manufacture the highest quality footwear for our customers.

Having experience of exporting in 20 countries, We become a leader in shoe manufacturing in India. Partnering with many of India’s largest brands including Bata, Khadim’s, Fila, Lotto, Future Group, Reliance Footwear, Tata Retail, and almost all major retailers across India made XO the most trusted Footwear company.  We are also providing Footwear to many government agencies including the Indian Army, Pera Military Forces, Delhi Police, and various State governments. Recently we expanded into the North American markets and partnered with TOMS, a well-respected, International shoe brand.





To Be India’s most advanced and preferred shoe manufacturing institution.





To achieve optimum customer satisfaction by delivering the best quality product and with full commitment.

Our Operations:


At XO Footwear we only employ the best people who are dedicated to craftsmanship and work ethics. We have a complete in-house development centre to handle all of your needs. We employ professional, industry-experienced workers at all levels of our organization to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our factories meet all domestic and international compliance standards and we are ISO 8000:2008 certified by Social Accountability International. Recently we received the Quality Brands Award for 2012-2014, as well as the prestigious Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award for Economic Development from the National Education & Human Development Organization. 



Our total capacity is 12 million pairs of shoes per year, manufactured at our seven factories through-out Northern India. We employ the latest technology and produce quality Phylon, Eva, and PU soles. We can provide the following construction:


EVA INJECTION: Our 2 Taiwanese machines produce EVA sandals and chappals.

PU MACHINE: our 2 Desma and 3 Italian-made machines produce high bonding, double-density safety shoes, PU sandals, chappals, and slippers.

TPR SOLES: our Italian-made machines produce double colour soles.

HOT & COLD SOLES: our machines produce Phylon soles and midsoles for fine shoes and sandals.

PVC / TPR INJECTION: our vertical injection machines assemble school shoes, casual shoes, and sandals.

PVC / TPR AIR INJECTION: our Tangkang Taiwanese machines produce and assemble PVC shoes, sandals, and chappals.

STUCK-ON PROCESS: our conveyer belts are fitted with imported machines that assemble formal shoes, sports shoes, and sandals

All seven of our factories comply with social audit standards and are government certified. We are Fire, Air, and Water NOC certified and provide evacuation plans, eye-wash stations, and emergency lights for our employees.