Why we use BULLET PROOF material in shoes!

Kevlar is a really strong material mainly used in bulletproof vests, they are able to withstand strong puncturing hits. Recently after they became readily available in the market many companies started using them to make anti penetration shoe soles. It is the best solution to make shoes anti penetrable. Previously steel plates were used, they were much heavier and restricted foot movement. 

Kevlar midsole means there is a layer of Kevlar between the insole and sole of the shoe.

This even though adds some weight to the shoe but makes the sole much more durable and keeps your feet safe from any sharp objects that you come across. Ever come across a situation in which there is broken glass on the floor, you need not worry as much if you wear Kevlar midsole shoes. You can easily cross them without hurting your feet. 

You need a Kevlar midsole when you go through a lot of sharp surfaces like in a construction site or work in old abandoned buildings. It can be used for regular people too as we all face such situations, there is lesser probability to face them but you never know when you face them. 

We at fuel shoes have a wide range of products available and our “Boulder” series have a Kevlar midsole in it. We hope you find the perfect pair that suits you. 

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