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Article: Do you need an ankle joint replacement?

Do you need an ankle joint replacement?

Do you need an ankle joint replacement?

Ankle arthroplasty, also called the total ankle replacement, is done if the structure of the ankle joint gets distorted or the tissues get damaged. In cases where natural recovery is not possible, patients opt for surgery. This surgery includes the removal of bone surfaces and tissues and the replacement of them with prosthetic components. Such components are medically approved and made of titanium and polythene of medical grade. After recovering from this surgery, you can exhibit mobility at the same level as you did previously. 

When is it advisable to have ankle surgery?

Orthopaedics generally suggest this surgery because of the following reasons:  

  • Severe Arthritis; Doctors often suggest ankle arthroplasty to patients who have arthritis. In advanced arthritis, the ankle area swells out, and there may be inflammation, which results in stiffness and severe pain due to the wearing away of cartilage. The intense pain of osteoarthritis leads to the requirement of a replacement of the ankle joint. It can often lead to immobilization of the ankle. Debilitating rheumatoid arthritis also leads to the need for ankle replacement. This type of arthritis can cause the bone in the ankle joint to erode, which may result in disability and deformity.
  • Chronic pain in the ankle: If you are suffering from chronic pain in your ankle, you most likely need an ankle replacement. It may be the result of some severe injury, an accident, or a fall. 
  • Disability: If you cannot exhibit mobility properly and start losing the range of motion of your ankle, it can be a sign that you need ankle replacement if other treatments don't work.
  • Weakness in the ankle: If you feel that your knees are getting extremely weak, this sign may necessitate ankle replacement so that you regain your ability to move around freely with solid and functional knees and legs.
  • Instability in the ankle: If you had several sprains in your ankle, this might lead to a need for ankle replacement as this may lead to a distortion in the ankle and make the ankles, knees, and legs unstable. 
  • Fractures in the Ankle: Fractures in the ankle can sometimes lead to total ankle replacement. This surgery can help you to regain the strength and capability of your ankle.

The recovery period can extend up to six months. To achieve results patient must take proper care. One of the crucial factors to keep in mind to keep your ankle protected is choosing the best footwear. You can avail a variety of footwear like high ankle outdoor army boots from the FUEL brand to keep your ankles protected. They manufacture premium quality footwear ranges that are suitable to meet the varied needs of people.


The success rate of ankle replacement surgery is very high. However, there are some risks like blood clots, infection, etc., associated with this surgery. Hence, individuals need to take precautions and ensure the use of suitable products and methods to help heal ankles faster.

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