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Article: What is the importance of foot protection?

What is the importance of foot protection?
foot care

What is the importance of foot protection?

The well-being of our bodies is critically important. A healthy body can prosper and live a good and fulfilling life. While most of us think that only vital parts need care, this does not hold true. All the details in our body are crucial, and so are our feet. Our feet support our entire body weight, and it needs necessary protection, especially at risk-prone workplaces. Inappropriate footwear can result in workplace accidents and a significant loss for both employer and worker in monetary and productivity terms. Some of the common foot injuries that happen at the workplace include:

  • Slippery surfaces.
  • Rolling or falling objects.
  • Electrical hazards.
  • Penetrating or crushing materials.
  • Hot or corrosive substances.

Ideal foot protection can avoid these potential hazards. Modern safety shoes can help prevent any grievous injury to the foot without stressing them. In addition, optimum safety shoes can provide increased comfort to your entire musculoskeletal system and prevent long-term damage to the feet. Hence, it is essential to have complete foot protection with the use of proper shoes. Foot protection uses any protective footwear that helps prevent foot injuries during movement at work or outside. The foot being in constant motion is the most prone to injuries and should be taken care of properly. Any injury to the feet can temporarily restrict body movement, or in case of some severe damage, it can limit the movement forever. 

Some of the common foot injuries that require foot protection have been listed below;

  • Traumatic injuries are caused due to pinch, cut, or crush from the falling objects, machinery parts, sharp edges, rollers, wheels, or getting tangled in chains or ropes.  
  • Damage to the feet when muscles, nerves, skin, or tendons are cut, pricked, punctured, or irritated
  • Joint sprain or fracture to the feet
  • Exposure of corrosive chemicals, liquids, or other substances to the foot causing permeation injuries, skin irritations, chemical burns, or damage to the feet tissues 
  • Rapid or repetitive movements of machines causing injuries to the foot 
  • Thermal injuries caused by exposure to the high or low-temperature objects 
  • Long term injuries related to knee and back pain

Safety shoes for foot protection

Foot protection can be divided into two major types of shoes– Safety shoes and Work shoes. The difference between both of them is the toe protection cap. Work shoes don’t have this cap, but safety shoes have a lid that was earlier made of steel but nowadays made of high-grade aluminum or composite materials. Safety shoes are extensively used for military personnel, medical staff, or construction workers. Therefore, it offers higher degrees of protection compared to work shoes. Both work and safety shoes are designed as per safety requirements at the workplace and come in various designs and categories. 

Get appropriate foot protection with safety shoes.

These shoes have additional features like anti-puncture, slip-resistant, steel toe cap, and soft insole for both safety and comfort. The best safety shoes are manufactured per the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA). As per the OSHA standards, workers must wear protective footwear that avoids any potential risk or danger to the foot injuries due to rolling or falling objects, sharp or heavy objects, fire or electrical hazards, etc. Hence employers or employees, before investing in such shoes, must check if OSHA standards are being met and if the shoes can grant necessary protection to people wearing them.  

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