Do you need to wear safety shoes in your workplace?

Before finding out why we should wear safety shoes, let’s first see what they exactly are. Simply put, safety shoes are any shoes that are made keeping in mind the safety of the feet. There are many misconceptions in the market that safety shoes always come with a steel toe cap. However, this is not true as there are a lot of safety shoes that don’t have a steel toe. 

Safety shoes are necessary for most workplaces and even mandatory in certain situations. A person is much more prone to feet injury than usual in the workplace. There is a lot of commotion and moving things present which increases the probability of accidents. Many people think that if they are not working in close proximity to such environment they don't need to wear it, but we at fuel shoes recommend everyone working near a accident prone area to wear safety shoes which best suits them, 

In  almost all countries there are government regulations present for all types of industries in which wearing safety shoes is compulsory to enter a certain establishment. There is a stat which scares us too is that in the USA alone companies have to face a fine of almost 1 $ billion dollars a year for injuries in the workplace. 

We at fuel shoes try to create shoes which best suit every kind of workplace and we hope to make future workspaces much safer than now. 

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