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Article: Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip

Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip

Things to Carry for Leh Ladakh Trip

Ladakh is each tourist's dream location and stands amongst one of the maximum picturesque areas in India. If you're out for an escapade to this cold desert, it is sure to go with reminiscences to cherish for a lifetime. Leh Ladakh as a travel destination is very distinct from the rest of the areas in the country. So while planning for a trip, make sure you are well-prepared. Are you wondering about the necessities? Here are some tips on what to stuff in the bags for your great adventure!

Suitable Garments

Weather in Ladakh could be very unpredictable, with varying temperatures in the day. So, having garments that can maintain any climate is essential. The intention is to remain well while on tour. 


While you're on the trekking trip to Leh Ladakh, it is essential to ensure that you're equipped with the right shoes. Since the terrains and roads aren't easy compared to other places, you must pair up the correct shoes for your feet. If you desire to offer the best comfort to your precious feet, go for Fuel Shoes Boulder Outdoor Boot. They have good grip, flexibility, and softness, and their steel-toe cap and heaviness are guaranteed to offer you the best comfort and satisfaction. Moreover, they come in a range of black, blue, and red colours, which make your feet look trendy along with protection.

Basic Travel Kit

While on a trip, finding things that are otherwise readily available at home might be challenging. This basic kit, including flashlight, carry bags, candles, matches, sunglasses, etc., must be handy to face any crisis, and it could be a complete lifesaver on the trip.

Essential toiletries

Ladakh is still on the verge of improvement, and due to this, finding each day's necessities might be difficult. Carrying all toiletries and cosmetics for daily use will come as a sigh of comfort on the journey, like hand sanitiser, toilet rolls, tissue paper, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toilet soaps, shaving kits, sunscreen, etc. 

Medical Kit

Carrying a first-aid kit with Dettol, band-aids, etc., will help heal any injuries or sickness on the way. Acute mountain sickness is a common condition that can lead to severe headaches, vomiting, nausea, and weakness. So medicines for headaches, dizziness, body pain should be kept handy. 

Food and water supplies

It is essential to carry water and food supplies for your trip, and water is vital for hydration at such a high altitude. Dry food and tea pouches will provide energy and are easy to carry. 

Other Essentials

  • ID card and some photocopies of it.
  • Medical Insurance.
  • Chargers of your phone.
  • Enough cash.

Final Words

As mentioned above, you must make sure to get some important stuff you may need during your next Leh Ladakh trip. Cross-checking this before embarking on the trip might save the hassle and frustration during your journey! 

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