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Article: What are safety shoes made of?

What are safety shoes made of?
Foot Injury

What are safety shoes made of?

In almost all industries and construction sites, providing essential safety to the workers is not considered a luxury. It has become a necessity. Some laws are in place, which has made it mandatory for all factory owners to make sure that their employees are working in safe conditions. Providing safe footwear to them is the first step in ensuring their safety.

What are the types of safety shoes available in the market?

There is a wide variety of safety shoes that are available in the market. Depending on the type of probable hazards, below are the type of safety shoes available in the market;

  1. Boots with toe caps: This type of safety shoe has an in-built toe cap that can be made up of different materials, making the toe area of the shoe sturdier so that injuries to the foot due to heavy objects falling on it do not happen.
  2. Chemical resistant splash shoes: This type of safety shoe prevents chemicals from seeping through the shoe to the worker's foot, thus avoiding any form of injury caused due to the harmful chemicals. 
  3. Anti-slip shoes: These types of shoes have an anti-slip sole which provides more grip and prevents workers from slipping and having major fractures due to the fall. It may also be helpful in kitchens of big restaurants where there is a risk of slipping over spilled over food or oil.

Besides all these types, there are safety shoes that also help to keep electrical hazards at bay.

Which materials are safety shoes made up of?

Leather is the most commonly used material to make safety shoes. The primary reason behind this is its water-resistant and durable nature. The only disadvantage of leather is that it is a heavy material that does not allow air circulation. However, nylon, when mixed with leather, can help manufacture a safety shoe lighter and breathable.

Chemical splash boots are made up of latex, and water-resistant safety shoes are made up of rubber. The most commonly found safety shoes are the ones that have toe caps incorporated in them. The toe cap can be made up of materials like:

  1. Steel: A steel toe cap is the most widely used material as it is the most economical and provides a lot of safety. However, one should make sure not to use it in the electric industry.
  2. Aluminium: This material is a little more expensive than steel but can prevent injuries due to electricity.
  3. Carbon fiber: It is a costly material; however, it is thin, non-conductor of electricity, and is light in weight which makes it the best material to manufacture toe caps.


If your industrial setup involves the workers being at risk of injuring their foot, sharp objects piercing the soles of shoes, or any chemical or electrical hazards. In that case, safety shoes are a must-have. These shall keep your workers safe and ensure that no mishap occurs at your workplace.


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