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Article: Are motorcycle riding shoes safe?

Are motorcycle riding shoes safe?

Are motorcycle riding shoes safe?

Riding a motorcycle comes with risks. It is essential to choose the proper safety equipment that prevents you from fatal injuries in accidents. Along with the helmet, jacket, pants, and gloves, Motorcycle riding shoes or safety boots are an essential piece of gear. It protects the toes, ankles, and heel. These shoes are specifically designed for individuals who don’t want to use simple boots. They not only provide safety compared to regular shoes but also have the comfort for a long ride. Let us understand why you should wear motorcycle riding shoes and whether they add additional safety or not. 

Why choose motorcycle shoes?

Regular shoes don’t have the ergonomics of a motorcycle shoe, and they might have parts or laces that could snag the bike out of control. Also, you won’t find shift pads in the regular shoe, and in this case, any simple accident could also lead to severe injuries to the foot. On the other hand, motorcycle safety shoes provide additional protection to the skin, toes, heel, and angles so that you get extra security along with the added benefit of style. 

Do motorcycle shoes provide additional safety?

Driving a bike is all about maintaining a balance during sharp turns. A regular shoe with laces can get tangled in the brake lever, and you would end up having an embarrassing accident. The situation could get even worse if you are cruising at high speed and had to brake or downshift during an emergency, but you can’t reach the brake because your shoes got tangled in the shift lever. Things might get worse before you could react and act on it. 

Motorcycle-specific shoes are designed especially for bikers and certain riding styles to prevent people from getting into such dreadful situations. Some of the shoes are even knee-high and commonly used during street riding, track riding, touring, or commuting on the bike. You can find a vast array of styles, functions, and styles. 

What protection motorcycle shoes provide? 

Some of the features in motorcycle shoes which otherwise is not available in regular shoes have been mentioned below;e

  • Protection for the feel to prevent your foot from getting crushed
  • Toe reinforcements 
  • Protection to the ankle bone from any impact or abrasion
  • Reinforcements to the sole 
  • Comfort 
  • Waterproof designs 

High-end motorcycle shoes come with different levels of protection along with the features mentioned above. These shoes can save you from scratches, abrasions, broken bones, etc. Since your hands and feet are the most commonly damaged part during accidents, wearing the correct motorcycle shoes is quite helpful in protecting against severe accidents. 

Are motorcycle shoes worth it?

Going back to the question and clearly, the answer is a “Yes.” Motorcycle shoes are much worth it, especially if you are obsessed with bike riding and conscious about your gear. Without the motorcycle shoes, your next ride is not worth the money you spent on buying your favorite bike, gloves, and helmet. Upgrade your boots to motorcycle shoes today and get the additional protection along with comfort for a long drive. 

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