A strong base: the importance of foot health

Healthy feet are important for complete physical well-being. It is vital for your mobility. Too often, we don’t emphasize taking care of our feet as much as we take care of other parts of the body. The foot is one of the body parts that gets neglected as it is furthest away from the eyes and often leads to different types of injuries or foot problems. Your feet are essential for keeping your body mobile, and a simple strain can lead to loss of mobility and complete loss of independence. It can even further lead to anxiety if foot problems get prolonged. 

Foot problems caused by a weak base 

The foot is a complex body part made of 26 bones connected by various joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Different foot problems like pain, foot injury, or inflammation caused by stress can limit mobility. A weak base is the root cause of most foot problems. You must know different foot problems so that you can go for the right treatment. Some of the commonly known issues are mentioned below. 

  1. Heel pain – Irritation or inflammation of the heel bone of the toes. It is felt at the heel or in the arch, usually in the morning.
  2. Heel spurs – Caused by abnormal growth of the bone on the heel bottom. It happens mainly because of wearing the wrong shoes, abnormal walking, running, or any other physical activity.
  3. Arthritis – Joint inflammation in the foot with throbbing pain in the foot bones or joints.
  4. Toe sprain – Damage to the tendon or soft tissues of the toe that cause pain and swelling.
  5. Corns and Calluses – The thick skin build-up on your foot cause irritation or pressure on the foot. It is generally caused by poor-fitting footwear. 

How to achieve a strong base?

Foot pain and problems are caused mostly due to improper footwear. If you want to achieve a strong base, then you must refer to the mentioned ways. 

  • Proper fitting shoes - Poor fitting shoes are the root cause of most foot problems. If the shoes fit properly, it gives good support to the foot bones and prevents irritation to the foot joints and skin. 
  • Comfort - Not only poor-fitting but comfort also plays a major role in ensuring that your foot has a strong base. Several studies have demonstrated how ill-fitting shoes can hurt your foot health. There are various types of above-foot problems that can impact the heel, toes, nerves, joints, ligaments, tendons, etc. For individuals suffering from foot problems like corns and calluses can be avoided if the shoes are worn per the shape of your foot. 
  • Safety shoes – Regular footwear is not suitable for all working environments. You must wear the shoes as per the working conditions. Safety shoes are designed for specific needs and have anti-skid, steel toe caps, anti-puncture, and soft soles. You can choose Safety shoes from Fuel designed with top-notch safety standards to safeguard your foot and provides a strong base to the body. 




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