Footwear Advice: 5 Characteristics of Good Shoes

All our life, we keep focussing on our dresses and attires as we feel that people only look at our dresses and accessories. But we do need to understand that other things are equally important, and so are our shoes. We walk miles wearing our shoes, and because of them, only we can walk comfortably. Our body’s full weight is on our feet only, and our boots handle that weight when we walk or stand. Think of walking barefoot, and you will realize how important shoes are for us. That is why it is being said that when you choose shoes, do check them properly. If your shoes are not comfortable, you will not be able to walk properly.

Apart from the comfort, there are many other things also which matter when buying shoes. Below, we are going to help you know about the five characteristics of good shoes. It will help you buy the right pair of shoes for yourself.

Sturdy: When buying shoes, you must check if the sole of the boots is sturdy or not. Shoes with sturdy soles show that they are quite durable and will not easily wear out due to any sharp object. We walk on different types of surfaces, and if the soles of the shoes are not sturdy, we will face problems in walking. Like, when you have to walk on a rocky surface, you will need shoes with sturdy soles. You cannot walk properly on rocks by wearing canvas shoes, as they do not have proper cushioning, and the sole is also not that strong. In such cases, the stone or any other sharp object may hurt our feet.

Height of the shoes: Usually, people prefer to buy shoes in more sizes to look taller. But you need to understand that if you wear shoes with a height of more than 2.5cm, it will be a problem for you. It will cause pain and strain in your foot, and you will not walk comfortably in those shoes. Especially if you need to wear them for long hours, make sure that you buy the shoes with ideal shoe height.

Easy to adjust: By this, we mean one should adjust their foot inside the shoes. In this case, you should go for those shoes only with shoelaces or shoe straps. If you are wearing your shoes with socks, they should not be so tight. You should be able to move your foot with comfort, which meets the criteria of a perfect shoe.

Enough space: With enough space, we meant that they should not be tight. Whenever you wear your shoes, you need not fold your toes or hurt your toes. They should fit in your feet properly so that you can walk comfortably in those shoes. If they have enough space to put your feet inside them without any problem, then go for such shoes.

Shoes in the right condition: You should wear those shoes that are in good shape to wear. If shoes are worn out or are too old and are not in good condition, replace them. Wearing such types of shoes will cause problems in your foot, resulting in foot injuries. Instead of using the same shoes, it is better to get the ones with the conditions mentioned above.

To summarize

Now, you know what you need to check when buying shoes for yourself. While many brands have different shoes available, however, ensure to pick the best in quality and have most of the above-mentioned characteristics. So, keep these five characteristics in mind when you need to buy good pair of shoes.

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