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Article: Identifying common foot conditions: Due to wrong shoe choice

Identifying common foot conditions: Due to wrong shoe choice
Foot Injury

Identifying common foot conditions: Due to wrong shoe choice

Ever thought about how much pressure is exerted on your feet during your lifetime? Whether we are simply standing for hours or going for a walk or running or climbing hills, we exert a lot of pressure on our feet? That is why it is being said that when choosing your shoes, make the right choice. 

Already foot plays an important role, and it is your foot, foot muscles, and sole that bears all the pressure. The situation can worsen if you choose the wrong pair of shoes. We usually do not take these things seriously until and unless we meet one of those foot conditions. Below, we will share details about some of the common foot conditions that people face due to wrong shoe choices. By knowing about these foot conditions, you will understand how important it is to buy the right shoes.


Blisters is one of the most common foot conditions many people face for several reasons. It can be because of the poor cushioning inside the shoes. Or, if the material used inside the shoes is rough, then one can get blisters due to the constant rubbing of foot skin on the uneven surface. If your boots are tight or are loose, then you may face this problem. Blisters are sac-like structures filled with fluid and have a very soft covering. It becomes quite painful to walk when you have blisters, and there are chances of these blisters damaging if not taken care of properly.

Heel Pain

It is another foot condition usually triggered due to a lot of physical activity. Be it due to running or high arches, or other such things, they all might cause heel pain. In other words, it is also being called plantar fasciitis, as it causes inflammation in the ligament known as the plantar fascia. Well, not every person involved in physical activities will have to go through it. It can happen due to the wrong shoe size. If you are doing physical activities mentioned above by wearing poorly fitting shoes, it will aggravate the problem. It can also result in the calcium deposit, which is also known as heel spurs.

Athlete’s Foot

If you feel that this is a kind of foot condition that is limited to athletes only, you are wrong. It is a kind of foot condition which occurs in the sole or in between the toes. The microscopic fungi get developed in this foot condition, and it causes a burning sensation, pain, scaling, and itching. If you are wearing dirty shoes or sweaty shoes, or tight shoes, then there are chances that this foot condition may develop. These kinds of microorganisms require a moist place or a warm place to grow.

To summarize 

Other than the foot conditions we have mentioned above, people face many more foot conditions like aching feet, corns & calluses, bunions, hammertoes, and few others. Hence, it is important to invest in the right pair of shoes and keep your feet healthy for life.

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