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Article: For Your Foot Health - Step by Step Family Foot Care

For Your Foot Health - Step by Step Family Foot Care
Foot Pain

For Your Foot Health - Step by Step Family Foot Care

Health is a priceless gift that lies in your hands. Many people fail to lead a healthy lifestyle due to sheer ignorance or lack of awareness. Having a healthy body is not an easy job, and most people ignore taking care of their feet, which can lead to severe ailments that could impact your mobility. Healthy feet are critical not just for yourself but also for the complete family. However, not many people understand the importance of having a healthy foot. 

Having a healthy foot requires a lot of effort, and every family member should give it due importance. Be it kids, adults, or old-aged members in the family; feet need proper attention to avoid various problems like arthritis, ingrown nails, foot injuries, and other foot conditions. Let's understand multiple types of foot care and ways to achieve a healthy foot.

Paediatric foot care

Foot care is not the top priority for the kids. But foot care is equally important for kids just as for adults. Foot conditions can start happening at a young age if it is not treated properly. The steps mentioned below can help individuals maintain healthy feet;

  • Check your children's feet regularly for any signs of abnormality.
  • Use proper fitting shoes for your kids. As the kid's feet grow quickly, it is important to keep checking your child's shoes for fitting. Tight shoes and socks restrict kids' movement and can cause skin problems. Having a proper shoe fitting can get rid of most shoe problems. 
  • Keep washing your child's foot whenever they go outside to play. Most germs or infections can come from outside and go into the uncleaned foot.
  • Ensure that you keep the foot nails cut and trimmed at all times and clean any dirt accumulated in the nails.
  • Moisturizing foot also helps keep them healthy. You can use a baby lotion to keep the skin healthy but avoid putting cream between the fingers of the feet as an excessive moisturizer can cause fungal infection.
  • Keep your children hydrated at all times. Dehydration is one of the root causes which can be handled by increasing water intake. 

Foot care for Adults and Old aged 

For Adults and people of old-aged, foot care is more important due to several reasons. Maintaining healthy food should be an important part of the daily checklist, especially when you want to ensure mobility for a long time—important points to keep in mind for foot care of adults and old aged. 

  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight – Obesity is the mother of all ailments. A healthy and balanced diet is becoming more important in adults and old aged people. Overweight adults always have trouble maintaining healthy feet. 
  • Footwear – Pick the right footwear that suits your feet size. You can also make use of shoe insoles that helps provide additional comfort to the foot while walking, running, or doing any physical activity.
  • Sitting is smoking – Keeping yourself physically active for around 30 minutes to one hour is an essential part of foot care. 
  • Keep checking your sugar levels – Diabetes is another major concern for adults. It restricts your body movements and blood circulation. 

All these abovementioned points will help achieve healthy and happy feet for both adults and kids. 

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