Which shoe is best for bike riding?

Investing money in protective gear is important for a biker. If you are riding a bike, then the bike riding shoes protect you from any accident. Most people spend a lot of money buying shielding their upper body, but you must pay special attention to legs and feet. For leg protection, you can wear specially designed padded trousers. If you want to protect your feet, the high-quality motorbike shoes will be more durable and protect your feet during turns or even in accidents. A casual sneaker or a flip flop sandal doesn’t provide enough protection and might cause a fatal accident. 

How to choose the best pair of bike riding shoes? 

Before choosing the right pair of bike shoes, you need to spend some time understanding your requirements and what specifically suits you. Keep in mind that a heeled shoe is not an ideal pick, and instead, you must choose a flat safety shoe that helps during a quick gear shift. Let us consider all the important factors that must be there in the best bike riding shoe. 

  • Size and fit – First and foremost thing to do is check your best fit before buying bike riding shoes. You must be clear that for what purpose are you buying shoes? For example, are you just looking for bike riding, or are you looking for outdoor safety shoes for tracking, racing, and touring? Purpose affects your choice. 
  • Safety and durability – Ensure that the bike shoes you choose are suitable for any accidents and provide the best level of protection. It must be made from strong and durable material so that it can sustain harsh terrains and impact. Don’t settle for cheap bike riding shoes; instead, choose a reliable brand that follows necessary safety standards in shoe manufacturing. 
  • Waterproof – If you are an all-season bike rider, you must protect your feet from dirt and harsh weather conditions, especially during heavy rains. However, if you are riding in hot weather places, then you must choose vented boots for better air passage, ventilation and avoids sweat accumulation in the feet. 
  • Style and color – Most bikers are very specific with their gear, and shoes must comprehend your attire. As per your taste, you can choose the design and color of the bike riding shoes. 

Top brands for bike riding shoes 

Considering all the above-mentioned important factors you need in the best bike riding shoes, we have listed some of the boots from top brands. 

  • Royal Enfield Black Leather Riding shoes 
  • If you are looking for adventurous trips for the long-distance tour, these boots are perfect for you as they also offer protection and comfort. The shoes also have different features like waterproof, breathable, comfort and reflective panel on the rear that makes the rider more visible. 

  • Vykon Havok Motorcycle boots
  • These shoes are durable, lightweight, dual-intensity TPU, CE compliant, and multi-link brace for both ankle and feet protection. 

  • Fuel Safety shoes for Bike riders
  • If you are looking for more robust and safety features in the shoes, then Fuel Outdoor shoes offer best-in-class protection to your feet while bike riding. You can choose High Ankle Outdoor Army boots made from high-quality leather and suitable for riding a bike on difficult terrains. 

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