Why do bikers wear harness boots?

Harness boots are a specific type of boots designed for motorcycle riders. Harness boots are safety boots with a built-in steel toe cap and a metal shank heel which is helpful for motorcycle riders as they act as an important protective gear while riding for a long duration. It helps protects the foot from the heat coming out of the engine block and exhaust pipes. There are various benefits of using harness boots for motorcycle riders, out of which some of them are mentioned below. 

Impact and wound protection

Your feet are exposed while riding a motorcycle, and it becomes vulnerable to instances when there are chances of falling over the feet. To protect your feet, you need to wear safety shoes or harness boots typically made of reinforced steel structured to protect your feet from any sudden impact. Protective harness boots also help reduce the chances of suffering from various foot injuries in a crash compared to regular shoes. 

Ankle and foot support

When a fast-speeding motorcycle comes to a stop, then your balance may get disturbed, so you would need adequate ankle support so that you can maintain balance. There are other instances during extreme twisting or contouring that your feet are subjected to stress around the ankle and foot. In such times Harness boots help keep your shoes secured during unforeseen twists. Regular or sports shoes can easily slip off in the event of an accident.  

Good traction and weatherproof

Wearing harness shoes help provide the required traction and grip on the road during slippery or wet surfaces. Motorcycles tend to slip, and you would need to use your feet to stabilize yourself. Varying weather is also dangerous, and that is when you need safety shoes, like in the colder climates or rainy season. Other shoes can have moisture accumulated inside and make it difficult to ride. In such conditions, harness shoes are useful as it is weatherproof. 

It outweighs the burden and looks awesome.

Style is an important part of any motorcyclist, and wearing heavy-duty harness boots compliments a rugged leather jacket and completes your riding outfit. It might be a pain or hassle to buy heavy harness boots but having a second pair is extremely important to protect your feet from road hazards. 


Riding a motorcycle is a lot of fun but comes with a great deal of responsibility and risk. Riders drive on a dangerous and vulnerable road due to various factors like heavy-duty vehicles, weather conditions, and even speed. Harness boots provide the required protection during any unfortunate accident and having them besides other safety equipment like helmets, jackets, and spine protectors are essential to use. Your feet also need necessary protection and must be saved from unforeseen circumstances. After all, having additional security on your feet with harness boots is important and of no harm to anyone.

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