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Aviation sector
Indian aviation sector has continued to experience high growth, and with this trend
continues it is close to ranking among the top three aviation markets in the world. the
industry had witnessed a transformation with the entry of the privately owned full service
airlines and low cost carriers.
The emphasis on modernization of non-metro airports, fleet expansion by airlines,
service expansion by state owned carriers, development of the maintenance, repair and
overhaul industry in India, opening up of new international routes by the Indian
government, establishment of new airports and renovation and restructuring of the
existing airports have added to the growth of the industry.
The sector has expanded operations and thereby it spells out the need for specialized
safety footwear. FUEL Industrials has researched on the different aspects of safety
footwear requirement in the aviation sector and understood the work challenges
including the long standing hours of work. Our development centre therefore designed a
footwear that has superb heel support and cushioning to make it the most comfortable
footwear. Our ‘Easy Walk Technology’ supports joint protection and free movement.