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Steel Industry

Steel is crucial to the development of any modern economy and is considered to be the backbone of human civilization. India’s economic growth is contingent upon the growth of the Indian steel industry. Consumption of steel is taken to be an indicator of economic development.

India occupies a central position on the global steel map with the establishment of new state-of-the-art steel mills. Steel continues to have a stronghold in traditional sectors such as construction, housing and ground transportation, special steels are increasingly being used in engineering industries such as power generation, petrochemicals and fertilizers.

The working conditions in the steel industry are simple: presence of dust, of oil and water, sharp steel pieces on the ground, huge enormous tools everywhere, steel surfaces to walk on, mixed with cement or even rough surfaces and of course high temperature conditions.

We at FUEL Industrials have taken into account all working conditions and worked on a range of safety shoes in line with the requirement of steel industry. We understand he foot anatomy and therefore all our shoes are ergonomically designed for fatigue free working.