What are different safety standards for Safety Shoes ?

Safety shoes have been categorized on the basis of what all properties it has. It has been done so that customers can easily select which shoe will be perfect for them. According to standard EN ISO 20345 2011 it has been categorized in 4 categories each one succeeding the other. The following categories are 

SB - basic safety requirement 

S1 - SB + Anti static properties + energy absorption at heel area + closed heel zone 

S2 - S1 + protection from water absorption and penetration from the upper part of the shoe 

S3 - S2 + pleated sole + outsole resistance towards perforation 

You can select the correct pair of shoes just by seeing which category of protection you want. It makes the purchase decision easier and ensures that the company is providing what you are looking for. 

We at Fuel believe in complete transparency with customers and want to provide you with the product that suits you best. Contact us for further assistance in your purchase decision. 

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