What are some foot injuries?
When it comes to taking care of our bodies, we often neglect some of those body parts without whose support we cannot even do any task. Here, we are talking about our foot, and we all know that we walk or run miles on our foot, stand on our foot for long hours, but still, our foot supports us. But do you know that our foot is made of so many bones, muscles, and ligaments, and it can get many injuries? We often neglect these foot injuries, thinking that they will get
fine in time. But with time, they become worst and unmanageable. Here, we will discuss some of those foot injuries only so that you become aware of them and start taking care of them in time.


Flat Foot

You all would have heard about this term when talking about foot injuries. Though this is not a severe foot injury or problem, people often face this problem, especially those who have to work long hours by standing. When people stand on their feet, they feel a lack of arch, which creates trouble for them. It can be developed over time, or it can be genetic also. However, one needs to diagnose it to know how it can be fixed. In most cases, it can be treated using exercises and bringing some lifestyle changes. Even wearing the well fitted shoes custom designed for your feet can significantly help in flat foot and provides arch support to relieve pressure off feet.


Another foot injury which many people face is Sesamoiditis where one faces problem around the big toe. This foot injury causes inflammation and pain whenever you try to bend your toe.Sesamoids are also known as bones that connect the foot and tendons, but when they get injured, sesamoiditis occurs. These injuries can happen any time, either due to any sports or even while running also. Your doctors may suggest you to put on a compression bandage or may ask you to use hot or cold compression to get relief from them. But if you still don’t feel any better, then you shall be directed to other form of treatments.

Heel Spurs

This foot injury occurs due to the deposition of calcium under your heel bone’s bottom. One may or may not feel this foot injury, as it usually doesn’t cause any pain. But, causing pain is not the only problem, as this foot injury affects other areas of our foot, causing pain in the heel or the arch. This is also being referred to as causing problems in Plantar Fascia. If a lot of pain occurs in the turn or heel area, this can be treated using some foot and calf exercises and stretches.

Ankle Sprain

There can be many reasons for this foot injury, and it is one of the most common foot injuries we all face. Though we keep neglecting it, which is not the right thing to do, it can sometimes worsen the situation causing more problems in the ankle area. This usually occurs when the ligament gets a tear or is being poorly stretched. It can be because of twisting legs or falling or doing ankle exercises in the wrong way. Due to this problem, one may not be able to walk properly for some days, as it causes pain and swelling around the ankle area. However, if taken proper care, it can be treated within 2 to 3 days only if there is no severity. There are many more such foot injuries that we face in our day-to-day life. We suggest that instead of ignoring it, get them treated, as your foot is one of the essential parts of your body, and it requires equal care like other body parts.

Most of the people usually take mobility for granted. Foot injuries can be of various types and choose the right foot wear is the best prevention strategy. Flat foot problem can be remediated by wearing well supported custom designed shoe with proper fitting. In case of ankle sprains, choose a shoe with ample ankle support, on the other hand, if you are having any critical foot injury then also it can be quite useful in safeguarding your ankle and feet. It may be time consuming to choose the right fit for your shoe but it will pay off in long run and avoid major foot injuries.

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