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Article: What kind of shoes do you need for your daily routine?

What kind of shoes do you need for your daily routine?

What kind of shoes do you need for your daily routine?

The choice of your shoes largely depends on the kind of activities you involve yourself in during the day. If you go for regular walks or another aerobic exercise, it is wise to choose shoes that provide good support for the foot and ankle. If you are walking for an extended period, then you need a shoe with good arch support. Cross-trainers would be an excellent option in this case. So, before choosing your shoes, it is important to understand your requirements and select the best shoe available in the market. 

Types of footwear

Some of the general types of footwear which are most commonly used have been listed below;

  • Slippers - great at home when your feet hurt or if you're feeling lazy
  • Sneakers - comfortable enough for walking around town, they look best with jeans. 
  •  Flip flops - lightweight and comfy, perfect for the beach or a pool party
  • Sandals - essential when you need your feet to breathe thanks to excellent ventilation
  • Formal shoes: Black shoes are the type of footwear that looks good with business casual and all-black outfits. They're comfortable for everyday use, thanks to a slightly flexible sole. You can wear them from the office to date or even to social functions because they go well with any attire.

Features of daily-use shoes

Comfort is king when it comes to minimalist footwear (or any other type). If your feet hurt after wearing some pair of shoes, then it's time to leave them. If it fits right but leaves your toes sore, you can get some socks to wear underneath the boots.

How about casual footwear?

Casual footwear is much more forgiving. It's not so strict about toe shape, sole thickness, or even heel height. The most important thing to keep in mind is, it looks good on you and feels suitable for your everyday activities. You can find everything from simple sandals to leather boots in this category.

Why do minimalist shoes look better for daily use?

Designers pay a lot of attention to ensuring that every version of their work includes as many people as possible. In short, different models are chosen of all sorts, and types of foot shapes are selected to try the shoes. There are many sizes and widths available, too, so you won't have to settle for something that doesn't look quite right.

When you wear minimalist shoes, your feet are already closer to the ground without anything holding them up. There's a psychological effect involved here: when you walk in slim-soled shoes, you tend to lead with your hips and keep your head higher as well (instead of stooping over or hunching your shoulders).

People who wear shoes day after day can develop foot problems. They can lose their balance, have difficulty walking long distances, or feel uncomfortable all the time. Wearing minimalist footwear is believed to help these things by letting us move around more freely without those extra inches weighing down on our joints and our bodies.


The shoes should have enough support and cushion not to cause pain or discomfort in your feet. When you are walking, you want to feel like you are getting a good stride in with each step. If your arch hurts in either direction (forward or back), the footwear could likely use a little padding to correct this problem without causing too much pain.

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