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Fuel Shoes - Jungle Boots | Army boots | Military boots-Don't you think it's high time you take a break from your monotonous life and head on for the adventures you’ve been wanting to do for so long but either are too busy or just too lazy to actually go for them? Well getting these amazing pair of jungle boots will surely be one step forward towards undertaking your long overdue adventures. These Boots are made to go wherever you go, unlike your friends, these Military boots will never bail on you and will prove to be your best travel buddy. Military boots Not only are these boots appealing to the eyes but are also just as comfortable and ensures the safety of your feet, now that's what you call an epitome of beauty with brains. How do they ensure safety you ask? Well, they are High ankle which will protect your feet better, a High grip sole that gives you confidence on your stance, a Special insole that will make you feel comfortable on your next adventure, and are made with the finest of materials that will last you a long time. Basically,  be it rocky slopes or dense forests, they can handle any kind of situation.

Army Boots for Jungle as well as Hot Weather boots predate World War II when small groups made up of U.S. soldiers in Panama were given canvas-upper boots for the purpose of testing. Army Boots They were developed in collaboration together with U.S. Rubber Company, one pair of Jungle boots weighed about three pounds. Military boots Design of the Jungle Boot was based on the notion that no boot could be able to keep out water, but yet provide adequate ventilation for feet in a forest or swamp. Instead it was designed to allow the Jungle Boot was designed to let sweat and water evaporate, drying feet, while also blocking the entry of insects and mud or sand.

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